Google Wave Robot and gadget interaction

With the new Robot API version 2 is it possible to interact with the gadgets using robots. This will allow for some interesting integrations and will mean that the gadgets can be used to show the graphical information that needs to be displayed by a user. By using the robot to fetch and populate the data, you are also able to make the requests update other information than is possible using the social API.

I have created a small demo that shows how this can work out. Look at this video.

The code for the robot is the following.

  protected String getRobotName() {
    return "DGR1";

  public void onWaveletSelfAdded(WaveletSelfAddedEvent event) {
    Blip blip = event.getWavelet().reply("\nHi everybody!");
    blip.append(new Gadget(""));
    public void onGadgetStateChanged(GadgetStateChangedEvent event) {
      Blip blip = event.getBlip();
      Gadget gadget = (Gadget) blip.getElements().get(event.getIndex());
     String count =  gadget.getProperty("count");
     blip.append("State changed changed " + count);
     gadget.setProperty("count", "56");

Currently it is not possible with the Java api to update the gadget. But there is room for it in the gadget state information.

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WaveCalendar 23: Windows Google Notifier

Lifehacker describes the new Goolge Wave desktop notifier. Lifehacker is linking to the old version, the new version has some improvements. Google Wave Notifier is an application you install on your desktop and then you get notified when you get a new Wave in your inbox.

It works really easy and all you have to do is to enter your wave user id and password. When you get a new wave you can update the link, just by pressing the optup which comes.

For me it seems to work much better than the Firefox notifier. So I’ll try to see how it works out.

I normally prefere not to get any messages when I receive any mails or tweets. I prefer to check them, when I got time and need a break in my projects.

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WaveCalendar 19: ChartMaker

The ChartMarker Gadget is a gadget for creating graphs in Google Wave. It is really easy to use you add the robot with the address

To make a graph you use a command like the following {p 3,4,5}.

It is also possible to create other chart types like:

  • lc forLine with axis
  • p for simple pie chart
  • r for Rador diagram

For more options see the projects page.

I have created a small video showing the gadget.

The code for the robot is really simple. When submit is pressed the blip is searched for a chart command. The cart command is then converted into a url for Google Chart APIs like×100&chl=10|30|60|43&chdl=10|30|60|43&cht=p3&chd=t:10,30,60,43

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A Google Wave robot explained in 5 minutes

I created the SAP Enterprise service robot, which is described in the blog. I wanted to give you an explanation on how this robot was implemented.

I have therefore created a 5 minutes screen capture, showing what is going on and what the moveable parts are. Probably 5 minutes is a little too short, but if you have anything, which you want me to explain, I will do it. I hope you find it interesting.

I’m not proud of using crafted XML documents, instead of sending SOAP documents. But it was the only way that I could find to call SOAP web services from Appengine. If you have any suggestions to how I can avoid this, please let me know.

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