Scrum Task board gadget

There as been a taskboard gadget for Google Wave for a long time that we talked about in the Wave calendars first day.  The idea with this gadget was to make it simple to promote ideas between users and make then able to manage the project.

On MasteringWave we have produced a new Taskboard gadget, created in flex where there is spend some more time on the interface to make it look wave-y. The gadget lets you assign users to tasks and view which tasks are unassigned.

I have created a small video demonstrating how the gadget works.

To get access to the link, join our newsletter on the right menu then you will get a link to the gadget. (I need to make some tweeks before I can send it out but it should happen within a few days).

The taskboard gadget fits very well with our other scrum gadget the Wave Planning poker gadget. Do you think there are any tools missing to create a better scrum experience.

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WaveCalendar 18: Scrumpoker

I really pleased with today’s calendar. I’m a fan of scrum as a way to make project much more agile. I have been experimenting with using Google Wave for organizing our scrum effort. Wave contains many of the elements which required organizing a scrum project. It has the option of creating all the content and collaboration.

One part there is missing is the ability to estimate each story. A tool used in for this is Planning Poker. Where each participant can select how many points they want to assign to the story. When everybody has selected their guess the guess is shared between participants, and they can figure out if all has the same idea of the difficulty of the plan.

I have recorded a small video of how the gadget works.

This tool is currently just in beta, and we want to improve it. The tool will only be for our subscribers, so please signup on our mailinglist to get access to the location of the file. We would sure like some feedback on what you think of the tool. So when you have signed up to our mailinglist and tried the tool out; drop a comment on this blog of your thoughts. I seen the like on Sunday, so signup now. There is a form for the mailing list on the right.

The gadget has been made in Adobe Flex, which makes it possible to make some better looking gadgets.

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WaveCalender Day 1: Taskboardy

I have just completed the first sprint, where we used Wave to collaboration.

One of the gadgets we used was Taskboardy, created by fzuppa.  It works like a taskboard on a normal sprint tool, where you have your stories and tasks. It is possible to move the tasks forward from not started, to in progress and to complete.  It is possible to drag the tasks from one phase to the next.

The idea of the gadget is really nice, you have one place to monitor your sprint.


The developers linked the gadget, because it made them cabable to see what was going on. It also provide lots of visibility on what is the different tasks we are working on.

The problem was that it is rather deficult to monitor what is going on. You cannot see which of the changes has happended since last time you look at the board, you can use the replay but it is a bit more complex. The board also have  tendeny to become quite large, so it is deficult to make it work fully.

The plan was to complete a review every day until Christmas, if you have an Wave related application that, you feel should get a review drop a comment. I do hope there are enough gadgets/robots or other wave tools to describe.


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