Email with updates on Wave changes

Probably the most requested feature of Google Wave has been delivered yesterday. It is simply to get email notification when a Wave changes.

It is quite easy to start to use. Simply select the dropdown button on your inbox, select notifications. Then you have the option to select how often you want the notifications.


The email you then will get looks like the following.

One feature missing feature is that it is not possible to look for updates in the inbox. I might only be interested in updates in Wave, when a search term is updated. So I only get updates when Waves with the word SAP or the tag SAP is updated.

I currently use Google Wave Notifier to get updates, when a Wave is changing. The program gives instant notifications when your inbox changes. It is quite useful. But it is probably not a solution for non-it savvy users how don’t want to install all kinds of addons.

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What to do before the Google Wave invitation arrives

I’m currently waiting for invites to the live Wave system,. The sandbox works still fine, so I can still collaborate. So an obvious choose is to follow up on what is happening and research for news. Try to have a look at the API’s for the system, and then you can start your development. Try to get the AppEngine plugin up and running.

There are some interesting blogs, to read for the day. ReadWriteWeb has an article on what to expect from the Wave launch, this gives some interesting pointers to how the launch will take place. Among that you can nominate 8 friends with invitations. There will be no new features for the wave system.

Lars Rasmussen and Stephanie Hannon wrote about what he google blog. They write about the teams process and the fun they had when they was at a school and had the children write stories together. Lars and Stephanie believe that people will be more productive with wave when communicating and collaborating, which I believe is a large part of the day. I would have to agree with them.

Stephanie Hannon also wrote about what happened in the wave sandbox on the google blog. She mentions the SAP and Sales force as some of the vendors how have made some impressive demos of the potentials.

Stop checking the twitter channel for #googlewave, it is way to full today so you will just get a lot of messages. It is really difficult to follow the conversations. The just wait till people starts receiving the team had received of feedback and the use cases which was presented from the sandbox period.

So when you get online try to check out the maps gadget, Pamela Fox has made.

Then hope that you get an invitation. I just hope that I get an invitation for my domain, so I can start collaborating with the team.

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