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Inspired by offlineblog’s blog about Live blogging and the WordPress plugins like described on my blog, and at offlineblog and the bloggy robot which can publish to blogger.com. I thought this could also be possible to perform the same with a WordPress robot.

The solution simply works by adding the robot wp-bot@appspot.com to a Wave. Then it publishes your wave to the site as an embedded wave to WordPress. With this you get a permalink to the blog, where the content is hosted. I was unable to using the API’s that Google is using for displaying that the content is shared. If you know how to use please let me know.

I found the wordpress-java library to help with creating the XMLRPC code, which I was unable to use. With this library it is pretty simple to create a blog with some content. And since the content I’m posting just is wave id=’waveID’ bgcolor=’#ffffff’, it is pretty easy to craft.

The robot in action works the following way.


The code looks like the following.

public class WPRobotServlet extends AbstractRobotServlet {
      private String ownname = "wp-bot@appspot.com";
    public void processEvents(RobotMessageBundle bundle) {
        Wavelet wavelet = bundle.getWavelet();
        // when the Robot is added publish to the robot
        if (bundle.wasSelfAdded()) {

            Blip blip = wavelet.appendBlip();
            TextView textView = blip.getDocument();
            textView.append(ownname+ " added version " +this.getVersion() +" \n");
            textView.appendMarkup("\n <a href=\"http://masteringwave.com/\">MasteringWave</a> <br />");
            String rootText = wavelet.getRootBlip().getDocument().getText();
            // find the first line, which will be the title to the blog
            String firstLine ;
                firstLine =     rootText.substring(0,rootText.indexOf("\n"));
                firstLine = rootText;
            textView.append( uploadWave(firstLine, wavelet.getWaveId()));

    private String uploadWave(String title, String waveID){
           String sXmlRpcURL = "http://wp-bot.masteringwave.com/xmlrpc.php";
              String sUsername = "wave";
              String sPassword = "<SECRET>";
              // Hard-coded blog_ID
              String blog_ID = "1";

              // XML-RPC method
              String sXmlRpcMethod = "metaWeblog.newPost";
              // the content of the blog
              String sContent = "[wave id=\""+waveID+"\" bgcolor=\"#ffffff\"]";

                  // Try block to create the upload
                Wordpress wp = new Wordpress(sUsername, sPassword, sXmlRpcURL);
                  Page newPost = new Page();
                  String resultId = wp.newPost(newPost, "draft");
                  return wp.getPost(Integer.parseInt(resultId)).getPermaLink();
              catch( Exception e )
               return e.toString();


The full code can be found at http://code.google.com/p/masteringwave/source/browse/#svn/trunk/WP-BOT.

If you just want to check it out, just add the robot wp-bot@appspot.com to your Wave and the wave will be published.

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