Using Groups in Google Wave

Using wave in an organization can be a little challenging, when you don’t have Google Wave for your domain. Or if you would like to arrange a party or just be a group together. There are no problems if you only need to use one Wave, then you don’t need to invite all other participants to the new wave.

Google as implemented a group features in Google Wave. The function is build on top of Google Groups, so you have to create a Google group for each group you have. I would guess that this structure will create many new Google Groups with out any content in, since they will just be used for provision.

To create a new group follow these steps.

  1. Create a Google Group on
  2. Add the Google email of the users you want to add to the group.
  3. Add the to the contacts. Click the + sign and enter the group email. Just ignore the errors and press enter.
  4. Add the group to the current wave.

I have created a video showing how this works.

To see content from the group, just search for This will give all waves containing the group, so you can see what is going on in the group. When you are added to any of the waves, you will see the content in your inbox. This way it is much easier to find the Waves you have commented on.

A small issue is the wave username does not always correspond to the gmail username. So you need to find the users gmail account instead of their wave accounts.

I would also hope there will be an easier way to manage the groups from inside Wave, so you could just drag the users up to to the place they are using.

Using Groups is defiantly a thing, which needs to be improved for enterprise users. It could be a feature of Wave for my domain. On Wave for my domain it would make sense to be able to uses the groups you can define in the administration. These groups are your mailing lists or organization structures, so it will be a much more interesting place to administrate the groups. That way you don’t need to provision any other place.

For more information on Groups check out this Wave where the solutions is described in more details with a good FAQ.

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