The Google Wave hype is over; now start use it

I have seen the number of visitors on my site drop quite a bit. I’m not sure that I’m the only one how is seeing it. I guess that it is because Wave is not as novel any more and people how want access an ready has access. They can therefore create their own opinion about how it should work and how they can use Wave.

There as also be fewer announcements of software for the Wave. It could be because we was near christmas and it was not time for any news, but there could also be reasons like the users are not ready yet.

We saw last year that 12sprints(a SAP project) was released, which in some aspects looks like Google Wave but more structured. An Novell which created a property Wave server them self and then found they could support Wave instead and get more traction. I think there will be more products that lean towards Wave as a way to appeal to a larger community. The different softwares will make the usage more difficult to figure out for users and to select the correct tool for them.

I guess that it is the early adopters using Wave now and they are introducing their friends to Wave. When I was introduced to 12sprints the idea was to figure out how you will use it your self and then add your friends. With Wave it is a bit different, on waveyou just add you friends and then figure how you will use it. That mean you get a lot of different options on how wave can be implement. I have many different ways I’m using Google Wave and with different parties. There are many different use cases with Wave.

A problem with Google Wave is that it is seldom you notice any difference in the interface, and many of the changes are small to fix some bugs. Ie the Robot api has not been changed since 16 september, even there are some improvement that would be nice to implement.

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Novell Pulse

At the Enterpise 2.0 conference yesterday Novell announced (wave from presentation) that they would launch Novell Pulse. eWeek has covered the release in Novell Pulse Launches with Google Wave Support for Real-Time Collaboration, with some interesting insights.

Novell engineers was excited about the Federation protocol and had been working on the product for a while. According to the eWeek article they worked on an internal project (Codename cockpit), but found that Google Wave was on the same path as they wanted to go. Google and Novell has been working together on making the protocol work, so Pulse will work with Wave. (Question will there be a Wave client certification?). At first glance Pulse just look like an ordinary group wave solution, but is has the Wavelets/blips and real time editing. It was a really smart move for Novell to use the hybe from Wave instead of creating their own protocol. It will defiantly get more attention that way.


Screen shot from the video. They have not rebranded the product on the video.

Pulse will be avaible in first half of next year as a SaaS solution and then in the second half it should be available to a on premise solution. It will be intersting for companies to have alternatives to using Googles Wave.

Novell has been making groupware for ages, so they know how users interact and groups. When you start pulse for the first time it has all the persons or groups you need to talk with. This is done by using the identify and user administrative systems Novell has. It will be more interesting to have a list of all the people, you are going to start conversations with from the first day you use the tool.

You are able to subscribe to a list of persons groups and get their status. This is much like twitter or the Esme project. If people write their problems then it will be easier for other to interact with them and help solve the problems. Wave has the option of saving searches, but it is not feasble to search for 10 people easy. Google Wave group functionality is currenly not very good, hopefully Google will be inspired by the content of wave.

To see a demo of pulse see this video, that gives a really nice view of how Pulse works.

The video does not show anything on how Robots or Gadget will work. It will be interesting to see if they will work. It can be one of the features which currently have not been developed, but they will also need to at least support the gadgets. If not it will be strange to collaborate from Wave to Pulse, if the gadgets cannot be seen from Pulse. Robots can have a seperate API since they can be developed inside the Enterprise.

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