Google Wave Notifier is updated

I’m using Google Wave notifier to get updates on new waves I’m participating in. It gives you an update at the same time a wave is updated.

Today I was informed by the application that a new update was installed. I really enjoy software that auto update and that you don’t need to do anything.  The new update is able to show how from my contacts are online. So when a new contact is online you get a popup with that user is online.

The new version has the following new changes.


  • Implemented online and offline notification of users in the contact list;
  • Moved the manual online;
  • Improved detection of installed browsers;
  • Rebuild internet communication so that all web requests are done in the background;
  • Increased timeouts for internet communication allowing clients with slow internet connections to correctly download the latest version.
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WaveCalendar 23: Windows Google Notifier

Lifehacker describes the new Goolge Wave desktop notifier. Lifehacker is linking to the old version, the new version has some improvements. Google Wave Notifier is an application you install on your desktop and then you get notified when you get a new Wave in your inbox.

It works really easy and all you have to do is to enter your wave user id and password. When you get a new wave you can update the link, just by pressing the optup which comes.

For me it seems to work much better than the Firefox notifier. So I’ll try to see how it works out.

I normally prefere not to get any messages when I receive any mails or tweets. I prefer to check them, when I got time and need a break in my projects.

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