Wave meetup in Copenhagen

I finally found a date for the Wave meetup in Copenhagen/København. I proposed the idea in this blog.

On the wave for the event “Wave meetup in København” 8 persons have indicated they are able to attend the meeting. So we will hold a meeting on November 25 2009 at 17-19.

The place will be IT-Universitetet i København, Rued Langgaards Vej 7, 2300 København S. Information about the location will be provided on the blog and on the Wave above.

The agenda at the moment looks like the following.

  • The status of wave
  • Why we see wave as interesting and our ideas of wave
  • SAP and Enterprise Waving (Daniel Graversen)
  • Usage of Wave by students (I hope)
  • Planing of new meetings

Registration for the event on the Wave, or post a comment on this blog.

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Wave meetup in Copenhagen

If you are from the Copenhagen area, please join the Wave meetup that I’m planing. I would love to be able to meet and talk, with people also passioned about Wave.

It should be possible to find enough people, who would like to be smarter on Wave and share their stories.

I’m planing on holding the event 23-26 november from 17-19. Please indicate on the Wave or on doodle, link below.

If you are on Wave you can join and comment hire http://su.pr/272BSI

Otherwise you can add you comments to the blog, and indicate the days you can at http://su.pr/2Ur9Gs.

The agenda for the meeting looks like the following now.

  • What is the status of Wave
  • Why are you interested in Wave
  • SAP and the Gravity
  • Should we have regulary meetings or events
  • .. Other areas of interest ..

I do hope to see many there.

Image: beatak

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