WaveCalender 5: Wave Code Prettifier

In wave you would often like to show some code to get some feed back on it. A gadget which can help with it is wave code prettifier by Milan Andrejevic . It is a gadget you can put into your Wave and you can then get formatted code in your wave.
The code gets highlighted as you type. The language is determinate automatically, or you can overwrite the control.

The gadget XML can be found hire.


You can enter you non formatted text on the top in the small window, and then the formatted text will be showed in the button panel. The buttum panel will be expanded as a result of data typed.

When you type something data is directly shared to the other users. If you type fast on a large text you are sometime send to the buttom of the field and complete the text at the end.

I would also like to see that gadget to have difference between edit mode and view mode. That way you would only see the formatted text as an ordinary user.

The gadget is written in Javascript and Jquery and uses a lot of standard libraries for code highlighting. The code in the gadget is only 29 lines. That is impressive.

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Wave News for 7 september 2009

For this week there has been some interesting Wave blogs.

  • SAP Research in Brisbane had created a screen cast of their first Gadget. A gadget where people could collaborate on creating a process model. After the collaboration was done it was possible to export the process model and implement the model in SAP BPM. The screen cast show how complex gadgets can be and how they can assist with the collaboration. Also see Richards Hircsh response, which contains some insight full comments about the status.
  • LinkedProcess trying to make a more general protocol for Wave. The blog Social Computing or Let the bots talk! Gives a great overview of the technology, which allows the user to submit scripts to be executed on other hosts via XMPP.
  • CodeBot – A Coding Robot for Google Wave contains a demo on how to syntax highlight code in the wave.
  • Eye on FDA: Google Wave, Part 2 Examples on how Wave can be used in the pharmacy industry to help in some of the processes they have. It is always nice to get some concrete examples on how Wave can be used to help organizations.
  • App Engine SDK 1.2.5 released which is not Wave, but has some very interesting perspectives for Wave. It supports XMPP, which could mean that it is possible create wave clients/servers on Appengine.
  • I found the youtube video embedded below on, it is rather old now. It contains some interesting facts. 50 enginers in Google working on Wave. Make sure the protocol is open. Takes 2½ half year with the first wave application, but they hope that other groups will implement servers faster. Google compliments Twitter, and are working on ways to integrate twitter closer with wave.
  • Björn Wibben has created a blog about using jQuery in gadgets it looks quite interesting.
  • 7 Reasons Why Google Wave Is Going To Be Awesome
    has some interesting summerization of the features of Wave.

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