WaveCalender 16: Waveboarder

We already covered the WaveBoarder application, which is a helper application to Google Wave. The gadget makes it easier to navigate in Wave with the iphone and mean you only have one place where you can work with it. The gadget is available on itunes.

The video I created can be seen bellow.

I feel the application has been user friendly. If that is because HTML version for the iphone has been improved. But the whole experience works much better now. So it could actually be an application you can use for something useful.

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Waveboarder Iphone app

I tried the iphone app Waveboarder. It is a $0.99 application, which make the browsing of Wave on the Iphone app easier.

I read TechCrunchs Waveboard Puts Google Wave iPhone Application Up For Sale where they inteduce the application. With the low price I need to try it.

A demo of the application can be seen on youtube.

It works easier than using the normal Safari browser for Wave. The application contains some extra functions for looking between the waves.

Even with this application, Wave is not useful on my iTouch. I can see the waves and browse. But if i need to update or write something it does not make much sense. I just got a text area that I cannot see anything in. It is okay if you need to look up some information in Wave, but other than that it cannot be used at the moment.
I’m looking forward to a real client for iphone/itouch.

Wave boarder can be downloaded from itunes.

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