I have now used Wave for one day

I have been very pleased with how the production Wave system worked the first day.

Compared to the sandbox I enjoy working in the production system. It is nice to start it an almost empty mailbox, where you can start from. When you have said what you want you can archive the waves, and they will not pop in to you inbox.

I have had three (I’m a big shot) conversations with different peers in the wave system. It was easy and fast to communicate with them. The wave popped into my inbox, when somebody had any comments.

It would be nice to know if your peers was online, so you knew if the where able to respond. Or that you got a popup from the Google Talk gadget when a new wave was created for you.

There are some incoming waves that I have no reason to be a part of. I don’t know why these messages come into my inbox. It seem a kind of random. Is this the spam we will see in Wave. I don’t think anybody has created spam bots yet, thought it would be fairly easy to make.

I had a problem with my WP-BOT, which created a blog with the wave. The blog wp-bot.masteringwave.com uses the Wavr plugin. This plugin had hardcoded the some sources from the wave sandbox, because it nobody knew how it would be. I have created a but report on it.

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Private replies in Waves

I have been interesting in how the private messaging inside wave works. More specifically what can the participants how has the private message see. I don’t know why I have never tested it out.

I recorded a small video of how this works. (Sorry about the background noise)

The conclusion is that the participant in the private wave can only see the content inside the private wave. He cannot see it is a part of a larger conversation. That is also what you need. The participant in the private wave must not be able to see, waves he has not been added to.

This also makes sense from a productivity perspective. He should not see everything else; he does not need to comment on that.

So when you create a private wave, you need to remember that the user you are added cannot see the rest of the conversation. The content the new participant, should comment on needs to be copied into the private Wave.

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