5 Easy Steps To Create A Google Wave Gadget Using Flex

Hi Everyone! We’re presenting you a simple 5-part video tutorial showing a sample in creating a google wave gadget using flex (Flash Builder Beta as the IDE and Flex 4 as the Compiler). The application is of the same with the common flash actionscript file having a counter button that increments the result number by 1 and a reset button that resets the result number back to 0. Any of the participants that will click the buttons will be able to update the state having them with the same result on their screen. Apologies if you find the video not clear enough and so as the speaker or mispronounced some words but hopefully you’ll be able to follow and at least this will give you a head start.

The 1st part of the video is some sort of a short introduction to flex showing how to call or place given components from flex through typing the codes or dragging the component in the design view.

FlexWave Gadget Part 1

The 2nd part of the video demonstrates how to add functionality to your components and testing the application locally.

FlexWave Gadget Part 2

The 3rd part of the video shows how to apply google wave api (wave-as-client) or incorporate it as a library in the flex application/project.

FlexWave Gadget Part 3

The 4th part of the video is the continuation of how to manipulate or use the  google wave api to pass or update states.

FlexWave Gadget Part 4

The 5th part is the last part of the video that shows how to publish a release build of the application/project and compile with all the files needed to get it work as a gadget in google wave.

FlexWave Gadget Part 5

Reminders: You always need the wave-as-client as the library of the flex application and make sure to have the wave-as-client.js placed in the same folder of the release build. In creating a gadget.xml, just make sure you’ll be able to apply an extension code to the url of your flex swf file application to avoid caching to prevent problems in updating and testing the application on the wave.

Thank you so much for the time and hopefully the video is helpful. Have a blessed and healthy day everyone!

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Google has acquired Etherpad

It is really interesting to hear that Google and more specifically the Google Wave team as acquired the Etherpad. It is interesting that Google Wave already are creating acquisitions, to get more knowledge. Congratulations to the Etherpad team.

Etherpad is an online wordprocesser, to enable you to work with multiply collaborators on a document. I have just tried to use Etherpad to test it out, but it is really easy for users to get started on. The nice feature is that you can share your documents with anyone else and they can collaborate on the document without having to create an account.


I have not tried etherpad before today. But it is a really simple product and makes the process of writing some text really easy also for new users.

Etherpad has two really cool features:

  • The timeslider on etherpad is really need. It saves all keystrokes so you can see all keystrokes. But more importantly it works really fast, you can just drag it back and forth and the update is instantaneously.
  • It is possible to save and restore to revisions. When you have saved a revision you can go back and restore from this point. Using revisions will make contract work much easier because you can agree on a version and you can also undo some of the changes you have made.

I’m really looking forward to see the two features in Google Wave and get some of the benefits that Etherpad otherwise ill contribute with.

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