The Last Google Wave game, High speed memory game

Since Google is stopping the development on Google Wave, there is not a lot of meaning in continue to develop apps for wave. The number of users is probably not large and there will not be a lot of new members that will join.

We at masteringwave and have spend the last year developing different examples of gadgets and robots to show what Wave can be used for. We had a project that was almost done, some extra futures could be applied, but the game is perfectly playable.

So I’m happy to announce Match ‘n Dash as memory game that lets you play memory against your peers. It is quite fun to use and I hope you get around to try it.

You can find the installer at this wave. I hope you get to try it.

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WaveCalender 6: Tic tac toe

The Tic Tac Toe game by Sung Wu, is a gadget created in Adobe Flex. It is using the Wave-as-Client to create the interction between Javascript and Flex.

The game is not complete since a user can play both sides, which is not the idea of Tic Tac Toe. The game is more a demonetration on how it is possible to use Flex/Action script.

The gadget XML is hire.


The gadget is using Flex and demonstrate how easy it is to create gadgets in. I think it rather interesting to code the gadget in something other than Javascript, because it allows for different users to programme the gadgets. I think it is possible to make some gadgets look nicer in flex than you can in HTML/Javascript.

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