Simple Form Gadget

Creating my first form gadget, I call it “form gadget” because the main idea of creating this post is to simply show the possibility of using gadgets for form transactions inside wave. Form transactions, meaning having a form created in gadget residing inside a wave but sending the data gathered to a robot or a robot can simply manipulate the data once the form is submitted.

NOTE: In this post I will not discuss on how to create a form gadget. However, I will discuss parts of the code and hopefully feature some other ideas on it.

When I first started creating this gadget I thought it would be easy for me to finish. Unfortunately there were a lot of challenges. I think one of the most challenging part, is having an idea on what gadget to build. Until, I came up with an idea of creating a simple address book gadget. I choose address book because it is simpler and much easy to create. It also shows the idea of a form being submitted. I believe there are a lot of potentials using gadgets inside wave, like this one that I have created. It shows the potential of having a transaction from one servlet residing in remote server or other scripting language that resides in a remote server.

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