WaveCalendar 18: Scrumpoker

I really pleased with today’s calendar. I’m a fan of scrum as a way to make project much more agile. I have been experimenting with using Google Wave for organizing our scrum effort. Wave contains many of the elements which required organizing a scrum project. It has the option of creating all the content and collaboration.

One part there is missing is the ability to estimate each story. A tool used in for this is Planning Poker. Where each participant can select how many points they want to assign to the story. When everybody has selected their guess the guess is shared between participants, and they can figure out if all has the same idea of the difficulty of the plan.

I have recorded a small video of how the gadget works.

This tool is currently just in beta, and we want to improve it. The tool will only be for our subscribers, so please signup on our mailinglist to get access to the location of the file. We would sure like some feedback on what you think of the tool. So when you have signed up to our mailinglist and tried the tool out; drop a comment on this blog of your thoughts. I seen the like on Sunday, so signup now. There is a form for the mailing list on the right.

The gadget has been made in Adobe Flex, which makes it possible to make some better looking gadgets.

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WaveCalender 14: Wave Extension Installer XML file creator

After a while of strenuous coding and testing, the developer is ready to make his/her work public. But one obstacle still remains for the developer and that is to make the Wave extension Installer.

The Wave extension installer is important as this simplifies the task in installing the app on wave. Because the developer aims his/her work for the public to use, the developer should make everything easy for the users to install and use his/her app. Imagine if you have to make your users learn a scripting language before they can use your app, chances are your users may grow tired of it and may missed the chance of using your app.

The Wave Extension Installer XML File Creator is an app specifically designed for developers to simplify their work on creating Wave Extension Installers. This app is built on Flex and using the wave-as-client ActionScript Library for Flex. This is a nice app to use for first time developers and to some because after all those strenuous coding and testing, developers may get lazy to create the wave extension installer. With this app, all you have to do is fill out the form, click “Done”, and copy the generated XML content. Just remember the app is bigger than a regular size blip so you may have to maximize your wavelet to fully view the app.

You can try out the app in this gadget XML URL: http://wave-as-client.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/example/wave_install_creator/web/wave_install_creator.xml

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WaveCalender 11: Napkin

Napkin(http://code.google.com/p/napkin-wave-gadget/) by Marcin Szczepanski of webqem, is cool gadget that was written in Adobe Flex. It allows you to do quick sketches and collaborative doodling.  It provides a canvas on which we can write some sketch designed for small teams or some other people that who just want to play with it. It is good for short descriptive planning or a fun game.

I have just tried it and try to make it useful, i try to create a simple usecase to try its usability, Look at what ive got:

Simple Student Registration Usecase

It was pretty simple and easy to use. Everyone can edit the canvass at the same time.  One downside of this gadget is the lack of an erase function. It would be better if the author can add it on his next release.

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WaveCalender 6: Tic tac toe

The Tic Tac Toe game by Sung Wu, is a gadget created in Adobe Flex. It is using the Wave-as-Client to create the interction between Javascript and Flex.

The game is not complete since a user can play both sides, which is not the idea of Tic Tac Toe. The game is more a demonetration on how it is possible to use Flex/Action script.

The gadget XML is hire.


The gadget is using Flex and demonstrate how easy it is to create gadgets in. I think it rather interesting to code the gadget in something other than Javascript, because it allows for different users to programme the gadgets. I think it is possible to make some gadgets look nicer in flex than you can in HTML/Javascript.

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