Is wave to complicated?

Anil Dash wrote that the Wave as a too complicated protocol to implement. Anil writes that nobody but Google will create a waveplatform because it is too complex to implement.

“But the fundamental Wave protocols are, I fear, a bit too complex to ever be fully and correctly implemented by anyone other than Google. Interoperability is likely to be a challenge that plagues the platform for its entire existence. In short: It’s likely that nobody will ever build a fully-compatible clone of Wave that competes with Google’s own implementation.”

Yes it is more difficult to write a federate wave application, that to use the Twitter API for communication. But don’t we (as humans) have the ability to implement complex protocols.

How about SMTP created in 1982 with an RFC, a document on 67 pages. I don’t think that I’m able to get an SMTP server up and running on a weekend, as is Anil’s time for a easy implementation. You also needed to considere how TCP/IP worked before you could implement the SMTP protocol. The wave protocol draft specification is 24 pages (when I copy the text to Word), so it is not longer. If the complexity together with XMPP is larger I cannot say.

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