WaveCalender 4: Invity

When you are having troubles with managing a large group of people you can use the Invity robot.
The Danish Wave news site called “BølgenDK” which we talked about a little while ago is currently on a subscriber list of 500. Using this manually can be a rather difficult job. I was working on a robot to help with the project, but found this robot and it seems to cover the basics of managing lists more user-friendly.

The robot is really easy to use.

  • Just add pw-invity@appspot.com to the Wave where all the participants are in
  • Select create new Group
  • Create you new group and add pw-invity@appspot.com and you will be able

This is demonstrated in the video that I have created.

What I like about the robot is the connection to the with the gadget. The guys behind the gadget has spent some time on describing how the gadget/robot interacted. It seems really simple to make this work. It seems like the robot can see data from inside the gadget.

The only thing which is a bit irritating, is that the gadget is reloading when you press one of the buttons. That is the only thing which does not work optimal.

This robot can also be used to have conversation within your company, where you want to have the same people in the wave every time.

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Wave as a newsplatform

In an experiment described on WaveOnBusiness, which deals with Wave in a publishing company. The idea of using Wave for publishers has apparently stretched even further. Why not use Google Wave as a news platform. It would be strange to use the term newspaper or newsletter, but newswave would be more appropriate term. Lets see if the term catches on.

Bjarne P Tveskov has started the first internet magazine, I have seen, called Bølgendk. The magazine is only in Danish, and you can find it hire. It is a summary of some news created for the last week and should be published weekly. The idea could also be relevant for any other niche marked you want to write about. It could be something in your local community or about your business passion.

Newswave could be used as a way to create/deliver local news for a small area. It would require some editors how could create and edit the initial comment, so you were sure to cover the most elementary. Then other users could create the missing pieces, so i could write about the project we are doing in the community or the result of the local football match.

The concept of having a place where all readers can comment on news is just interesting. Users can contribute to your news feeds to the ideas and get more feedback. Dependant of  you readers/contributors you will be able to create a comprehensive newswave .


One of the important concepts with a paper is to get readers, because then you can also sell ads. It is the same for web sites, the more readers you have the more you can make.

At the moment there is not a lot of users on wave, but the users are quite passionate about Wave and try to use it for different things. At the moment of writing there are 50 users on the current edition, which is probably not enough to have much revenue. If you get more involved it could probably be possible to support the Wave with ads.

When the next edition is created you also want to have the same 50 subscribers. So there should be developed a way to make sure all subscribers get the new newswave. This could probably be done using a robot.

Business could form for editing the waves and organize the way users can contribute to the news stories. So we can contenue to have local news and create application to support the way users are creating the content.

I’m looking forward to see if newswave will take off, and be the place to go for news on current events.

I’m also a blogger at WaveOnBusiness.

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