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Starting Google Wave…

Google Wave is a simple and yet an amazing application being developed by Google and by other developers around the globe. It’s cool and great features will conquer the spectrum of business, colleagues, peers and homes as well. You can chat with other people, share photos, videos, and rich texts messages. It’s a great “shared space” so to say for discussions and what not. The wave is a collection of messages called “blips” where users can edit and update them in real time atmosphere. You can also launch other internal tools within the program like robots and other interesting stuffs. It’s really cool and one thing is that it works wonderful for any purposes.

Getting started with Google Wave is nothing but easy like tying your shoe laces at kindergarten. First step is to open your browser and login to your Google Wave account…. Once logged in, you can see a simple dashboard or panel to navigate and implement different actions.
This page is to be dedicated as guide to users of the google wave. The tool or application could be a little rough or unstable since it is still under development stage but let’s move on for now and experience Wave.

The following posts are the basic shortcut keys for Google Wave…
“Try it out please”

Up/Down arrows use to navigate messages.
Tab/Shift-tab same as Up/Down arrows (outside edit mode)
Home/End focus first/last message
Space go to next unread message
Left/Right arrows to switch focus between digest panel and wave panel.
Page Up/Down go to the next page in the panel [does not currently work, known bugs]
Ctrl-Space mark all messages read (focus must be on wave panel though)

“Other Basic Info for Navigating the Google Wave”

Enter replies to messages: the new message will appear just below the selected message (it will be the same indentation level if it is the first reply, but indented more if a non-first reply).

Shift-Enter replies to messages at the end of thread: the new message will appear at the same indentation level, and at the BOTTOM most position.
Shift-Enter while editing ends editing (equivalent to clicking the done button)
highlight text + Enter inline reply: the new message will appear indented and INSIDE the current message.
Ctrl-R same as enter
Ctrl-E edit messag Ctrl-Enter (while editing) insert inline reply at care

*Text Editing*

Ctrl-B toggles bold attributes for selected text
Ctrl-I toggles italics attributes for selected text
Ctrl-G Color
Ctrl-L Links to another Wave (highlight text, hit CTRL-L and put in a URL or a Wave ID (see Debug menu for ID’s) [NOTE: we will soon change the key combo]


Ctrl-C copy the selected text.
Ctrl-X cut the selected text.
Ctrl-V paste the text from the text buffer.

*Structural Formatting*

Ctrl-<n> Make the current line a heading, where n = 1..4 for different sized headings.
Ctrl-5 Bullets
Ctrl-6 Normal (removes heading/bullet style, but not bold/italic etc. current visual glitch in some browsers where text stays big – but this is not persistent.)

Ctrl-7 LTR + Left align
Ctrl-8 RTL + Right align

For Reference Click here

Mastering Wave

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