WaveCalendar 24: Publish to WordPress

For this last post I was looking for a gadget or robot that had some Christmas sense. In the Wave Samples Gallery I was unable to find a christmas tree gadget or anything in that order. I therefore would like to write a little about the last robot that I made. The wordpress bot, that you can install on your own appengine instance. This robot was initial tied up with my test blog site and only that.

In November the next version of the robot was released. This time the wordpress robot could publish to your own blog. It made it much easier for people to publish waves to their blog. A change was also made in the embed api by Google, so it was not possible to change the root blip.  This makes the publishing much easier, then it just miss the option of viewing the wave without a Wave account. I can see that the robot wp-bot@appspot.com has published to 122 different blogs, so it is something that people are using.

You can see the demo of the robot hire.

I’m hoping to get some more time in the next year to improve some of the features of the robot.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this calender and have found some new useful gadgets, which you can use in your daily life with Wave. If you have any ideas for gadget you think we should have a look at please drop a comment or a wave.

WaveCalendar 23: Windows Google Notifier

Lifehacker describes the new Goolge Wave desktop notifier. Lifehacker is linking to the old version, the new version has some improvements. Google Wave Notifier is an application you install on your desktop and then you get notified when you get a new Wave in your inbox.

It works really easy and all you have to do is to enter your wave user id and password. When you get a new wave you can update the link, just by pressing the optup which comes.

For me it seems to work much better than the Firefox notifier. So I’ll try to see how it works out.

I normally prefere not to get any messages when I receive any mails or tweets. I prefer to check them, when I got time and need a break in my projects.

WaveCalendar 22: Game of Life

Conway’s Game of Life is a small gadget which displays how the game of life works.
The XML is available hire.

The gadget is really good at illustrating how fast the states are update between each client. The video recored shows how fast the state is updated between two users of wave.

What is really interesting with the tool is that both users can add their images at the same time, but the images are not used in calculation/expansions before they are picked up by the playing side.

WaveCalendar 21: Translatey

Translatey (translatey@appspot.com) is a robot that can translate your language to another. Its Based on Google-Translate API, That can do translation from/to 50+ languages. So now you can chat anyone using this robot even you cant understand any other language that are supported. Its really easy to use, Just add the robot in your wave and enter the language code of what translation do you want on what you are saying, To get the list of the language code just enter ‘/?’

This robot is useful in such way that you don’t need to research or look over the web when conversing and chatting. In most times, being able to use your own dialect makes one person more expressive. expressing oneself in its native dialect while chatting and allow this translator to translate it to a language that the audience understands is really a big help. One downside of this translator is the word-for-word translations that sometimes sounds wrong as oppose to its real meaning.

WaveCalendar 20: Task To-Do

Task To-Do by Love sharma is a gadget that allows the user to enter a todo list and maintain it for the single user. The gadget is designed so each participant only see and manages his own list, there does not seem to be any sharing between users.

I have create a small video recording of how the gadget works.

It is coded in Javascript. I would at least have thought it would be nice to have tasks that was distributed between all members of the team.