OptimizePress 2.0 awesome features and review

OptimizePress has just launched its completely theme, known as OptimizePress 2. 0.For those of you whom haven´t heard of OptimizePress yet, it is just a WordPress theme that is extremely customized while in the needs of online marketers´ web pages.

This is a WordPress Theme, but it´s also a Plugin! OptimizePress 2. 0 comes in both WordPress Theme as well as WordPress plugin formats, so anyone can use OptimizePress as a plugin by using any WordPress website no matter what theme that you’re using, thus developing personalized sales pages and landing webpages while keeping your current blog intact. This theme comes with a lot of interesting functions for instance:

LiveEditor – OptimizePress 2. 0 comprises of the “LiveEditor” procedure, which allows you to build custom made pages while using layouts you want, including:

  • Choose the quantity of columns you want to make use of.
  • Add rows with different color backgrounds or perhaps background graphics.
  • Use Component to incorporate a huge range of components for your page.
  • Drag and also Drop Elements to different columns – arrange ones elements to fit your own style and design.
  • Add custom made code around elements.
  • Drag and also drop rows – move rows down and up your pages to re-arrange ones content.
  • Typography may be evolved – choose from many Google fonts and change the particular font sizing, design as well as coloration of any text.

 Element Browser catalogue – The Element Browser catalogue comprises of all the most popular components you’d probably requirement for any internet marketing website or perhaps landing page which include:

  • Feature Boxes – add features to your web page and illustrate all of them with icons.
  • Delay Content material – any kind of component on your page to appear after the time you select.
  • Navigation – anyone can drop in navigation sidebars anywhere on your page as well as pull menus immediately through WordPress.
  • Bullet – add styled bullet lists plus choose from a huge range of icons for your bullets.
  • Headlines – Choose from numerous heading styles including underlines and shaded backgrounds.
  • Audio and Video players – insert your own audio tracks or even video or make use of video clip coming from Youtube.
  • Buttons – choose from pre-designed buttons and also use the custom button creator to generate unique CSS buttons.
  • Opt-in – add opt-in boxes at any place on your page and select from many custom layouts.
  • Many more functions including – guarantee containers, purchase boxes, arrows, content toggles, live search containers, Facebook comment forms, WordPress comments, Recommendations, Pricing Tables and many a lot of more…


Custom Membership and Product Distribution Characteristics – It’s important to deliver your products and solutions in the personalized approach, sleek looking members area. OptimizePress 2. 0 helps it be a lot easier than ever to create a completely personalized members area as well as secure your content material from undesirable visitors:

  • Membership Template Process – signifies you can effortlessly organise your content into products and solutions or memberships having categories, subcategories as well as tutorial pages.
  • Built-in Protection – Use the included Membership wordpress plugin that succeeds solely by using OptimizePress to secure your posts, webpages as well as written content including protected file downloads.
  • Integrate by using almost all key platforms including Paypal, Clickbank, Authorize. net and Infusionsoft to take payments plus deliver your own members to a secure members area.
  • Create completely custom Members areas while using member’s program elements including web page listings.
  • Create custom membership sidebars for any internet page, so each page of your membership is usually distinct.

More of its features

  • Autoresponder/Mailing Listing Service Integrations. API Level integration considering the top rated autoresponder and subscriber list providers such as Aweber, iContact, Mailchimp, OfficeAutopilot, Infusionsoft, Campaign Monitor and more. You can also make use of custom form code if you desire or even include your own opt-in form results emailed to you.
  • GoToWebinar Integration. Send out your opt-ins straight to GotoWebinar to register them for a webinar, as well as include them to a autoresponder list at the same time.
  • Complete Launch. Now you can create launch funnels to your product or service launches and set up several funnels for different products on the same site.
  • Save Your own Webpages as Presets. Make use of the Preset and also Duplicate features to replicate your webpages on your own website so that you can design and style after and recycle that design to help keep your own pages looking constant.
  • Personalized Navigation. Now you no-longer end up being bound to the same navigation bar throughout your webpages. Each web page you create with the LiveEditor will surely have individual menus – just simply generate them inside the WordPress menus system and then pick them about each web page you set up.
  • Export Your Designs as Templates. Anyone can upload your own pages as templates as well as share them.
  • Included Web themes. The particular theme comes with around 30 pre-made web themes to choose from. You can click on to be able to edit anything on the page, or perhaps include more elements from the Element Browser to feature much more functionality.

Fully Responsive. OptimizePress 2. 0 automatically produces thoroughly responsive webpages for you when you without any additio nal work.You can purchased OptimizePress and then get our free optimizemigration tool that will let almost automate the process with you existing theme and migrate to optimizepress 2.0 without re-typing your contents over again. To avail with this service simply purchase optimizepress with this (link) and then send us the receipt and we will send you the optimizepress migration as we promise. Check out more about OptimizePress Migration here!

Default templates on Google Wave

The default start screen has been changed. You can now start a new wave containing some prefilled content.

Templates are not something new The Shiny Wave had a post about a user contributed list of Wave templates. I’m not sure if any of the templates from the project has been reused. But some of the ideas have. The difference is that with this new addition you do not have to find a wave template and the create a new Wave based on this.

An example of this looks like this.

The idea is fantastic, it will allow you have some much better synchronized and harmonized waves. It seems like it is missing the option of adding your own templates to the list. It could be some extensions you added or something defined in your Wave for your Enterprise.

Email with updates on Wave changes

Probably the most requested feature of Google Wave has been delivered yesterday. It is simply to get email notification when a Wave changes.

It is quite easy to start to use. Simply select the dropdown button on your inbox, select notifications. Then you have the option to select how often you want the notifications.


The email you then will get looks like the following.

One feature missing feature is that it is not possible to look for updates in the inbox. I might only be interested in updates in Wave, when a search term is updated. So I only get updates when Waves with the word SAP or the tag SAP is updated.

I currently use Google Wave Notifier to get updates, when a Wave is changing. The program gives instant notifications when your inbox changes. It is quite useful. But it is probably not a solution for non-it savvy users how don’t want to install all kinds of addons.

2nd Wave meetup in Copenhagen

If you are in Copenhagen this week it might be worth going by the IT-university. We are having our 2.nd Google Wave meetup there.

This time we will focus on development of gadgets. There will be demonstrations on how gadgets and robots can be created.

Jacob Andersen will show how to create a python robot that can convert a wave to a pdf file. The code can already be found at github http://github.com/jacobandresen/pdf-thingy 

Daniel Graversen (me) will talk how to make gadgets using Flex. I just need to create a presentation.

I hope that we can get somebody to tell how wave is useful in their industry.

The event will take place Wednesday the 3 of February. The room number will be availed on Wednesday on the Wave.

For more information look see this Wave.

Wave Bot: Annoty

I was looking at the Wave robot Annoty. Annoty is a Google Wave robot which is able to change the text as you write.

To add the robot simply, add annoty@appspot.com to the Wave.

The robot implements usage of regular expression, which makes it easy to extend the robots functionality. The robot contains option to add commands, when you are typing commands like the following.

<annoty add 'italic' 'style/fontStyle' 'italic'>

When the user enters italic, the text will be converted to italic. A regular expression could also be used, which will make usage much easier.

The robot also contains easy linking to ie. bug reports which could be identified by a Jira number or debian number.

A demonstration of the robot can be seen on the video blow.

The robot is an example on how the robot can be used to help with providing more context to a conversation. It is like the demo DJ Adams where he retrieves the complete text from sevice calls in the SAP backend. See his demo below.

The robot did not respond during the review, so it is only based on the video.

Would you recommend any robots, which also can help with adding context to the Wave?