WaveCalendar 18: Scrumpoker

I really pleased with today’s calendar. I’m a fan of scrum as a way to make project much more agile. I have been experimenting with using Google Wave for organizing our scrum effort. Wave contains many of the elements which required organizing a scrum project. It has the option of creating all the content and collaboration.

One part there is missing is the ability to estimate each story. A tool used in for this is Planning Poker. Where each participant can select how many points they want to assign to the story. When everybody has selected their guess the guess is shared between participants, and they can figure out if all has the same idea of the difficulty of the plan.

I have recorded a small video of how the gadget works.

This tool is currently just in beta, and we want to improve it. The tool will only be for our subscribers, so please signup on our mailinglist to get access to the location of the file. We would sure like some feedback on what you think of the tool. So when you have signed up to our mailinglist and tried the tool out; drop a comment on this blog of your thoughts. I seen the like on Sunday, so signup now. There is a form for the mailing list on the right.

The gadget has been made in Adobe Flex, which makes it possible to make some better looking gadgets.

WaveCalender 17: Read Onlie Robot

Google Wave is still on its early stages and we all know that there are still a lot of functions that are missing in the current release. One such feature which is really nice to have would be the read-only feature. As of now, it’s not yet possible but we are certainly looking forward to the day when we can set our blips or waves as read-only. But for those who cannot wait, you can use Read Onlie (readonliebot@appspot.com) robot. This robot allows the user to set their blips to read-only.

Currently, there are three keywords (case sensitive) that the user can use:

  • “OWNERONLY” – nobody can edit except the owner of the blip
  • “READONLY” – nobody can edit the blip including the owner
  • “RESTORE” – restores the parent blip data (still needs work)

How does this work?

Just include the keyword in the text and after the blip is submitted the robot will check if the keywords are present in the text.


Book review: Google Wave Preview Explained

I finally purchased my first book on Google Wave. It is Google Wave Preview Explained by Ted Husted. The book completion date is the 24 of November, so I doubt that it has went thru a long review process like longer books contains. I don’t see any problems in the content, though the fast production. Some of the book is online at http://wave.husted.com while the book can be purchased on Amazon for 16$. The book has 120 pages and is read fairly fast. 41EtZ-U4OlL._SL160_

The audience is people not familiar with Google Wave, how want to get up to speed. If you spent some time on getting familiar with the content of the book before you started to work on wave you would save a lot of frustrations. The concepts in the book are explained really well, and mean you don’t need to use trial and error.

One of the interesting topics is how Ted Husted in one line explains Wave:

Wave combines elements of email, instant messaging, and content management into a unified, easy-to-use environment.

I have always used Wikis instead of content management systems. When I think of a content management system, it is some place where few people are working like creating an external facing portal using Joomila or Microsoft CMS. There might be more to CMS than you first would think. I’m not sure either way is the best way to describe the concept of Wave.

The book starts with a nice example on when Wave will be useful in business context, compared to email. This is a great way to show why Wave is superior and show of some of the everyday issues we have with Email.

Ted mentions use of Wave as a way to distribute porn. At the moment I will not be so afraid of this because Wave, because Wave is currently not medium for mass distribution. Porn will be shared with probably with the help of spam bots, we just have to wait for this to occur.

Ted also mentions that public tags only should be created by the owner of the wave. I would not agree that it is true. The more tags the better and more distinctions you can get in the wave and taxonomy.

The book as a good section on alternatives to using Wave, I found it interesting to read about what Windows Live and OfficeLive could help with. These two tools could be a competitor to Wave, and it could be useful to know how they work. There is also a mention on etherpad, what was purchased by Google last week.

I was irritated by all the ads in the book. I have purchased the book, so why should I get ads instead of content. It is not a magazine, where I have agreed with there should be ads.

It is a book that will be revised because there are a lot of areas in the book there need to be clarified when Wave is developed future. There is a lot of placed To be determinate, and this depend on how Wave will be implemented.

For new users of Wave it is worth investing the 16$ in purchasing the book and save many hours of disappointment. It is a book with a limited life time because the next revision should be created soon.

WaveCalender 16: Waveboarder

We already covered the WaveBoarder application, which is a helper application to Google Wave. The gadget makes it easier to navigate in Wave with the iphone and mean you only have one place where you can work with it. The gadget is available on itunes.

The video I created can be seen bellow.

I feel the application has been user friendly. If that is because HTML version for the iphone has been improved. But the whole experience works much better now. So it could actually be an application you can use for something useful.

WaveCalender 15: Nimbb Gadget

As we all know we can already embed youtube videos into our waves, but what if we don’t want the hassle of uploading videos at youtube? Good thing we can use Nimbb gadget. This gadget allows us to add webcam video recordings into our wave.  With this gadget we can share video messages with our contacts.

During Recording

Video saved
Nimbb is easy to use but the gadget is only good for one recording. If you decided to send another recording, you need to add the gadget again to be able to record a new message. Another limitation of this gadget would be the maximum duration for a recording which is only 30 seconds. So for short video messages, Nimbb is for you.