Planning meetings with multiply particpants in Wave

For the Google Wave meetup we in Copenhagen today, we did all the planning regarding the meeting in a wave. It did not work out. It was only three participants how showed up to the meetup, and it was all the presenters or organizers. I hope that it is just the weather, but think there could also be some part of the wave usage that could be different.

We did some mistakes that I will probably do again, but at least try to avoid.

  • First we did a survey about when to have the meeting, and we had to change the time because it did not fit with the schedule of university where the event should be held.
  • I also asked people to contribute and participate in create an agenda. Most people are not interested in giving presentations, but instead what to learn. Which is why the meeting is taking place.
  • We did not send out reminder mails. It would probably be a good idea to send out reminder mails to all the involved participants in the wave a day or two before. Many people may have mute the wave so they don’t see it as a reminder that an upcoming event is taking place.
  • Did not have a clear RSVP where people could indicate that they were going to attend.

So next time we are going to plan a meetup. We will create an agenda and a place a head of time and then add people to sign up to the event. I if they want then people can contribute to the agenda if they want more topics.

I will also send an email to all persons how have indicated that they would like to come or are coming. That will for me sometimes make it easier to attend.

Planning meetings might be something that will be much easier to do in 12sprints, since you have a much more controlled environment for creating decisions.

I talked with Jacques Holst about planning, and he said the web never had been a one communication strategy. I think we have to remember that there are many other forms of communication to look for.

Image by Jonas K

Google Wave Gadgets lack quality

I tested quite a bit of different Google Wave gadgets in my christmas calender last month. I tried 40 different apps with a large verity in their complexity and usability. Some of them did not have any useful functions or did not work.

I really liked many of the ideas created in the gadgets and some was really useful. It was fun to see how people wanted to impress with new ideas.

The quality of the gadgets and robot was lausy. Mine included. I believe that many of to my application must be improved. But with the limited option in the robot API hinders making layouts to shine. It also provide a hindering there is a lack of way the gadget/robots can work together. If there was a better way to make the gadgets/robot work together, the layout issues could be solved.

I will say that most of the gadgets except maybe the simpler voting gadgets all require extra work before they can be used by a wider audience. The robots where you need to write commands with # or ! as the only thing in blip, I doubt that my mother will pick it up easily which is required to get non tech savvy users on board.

One key to make it possible to get the robot to function better is to pay the developers. I guess most of the developers of the robots/gadgets I have seen just tried the protocol out of see if they could make something useful. And they can. But to make them look wave-y the gadgets need to look better.

To make the gadgets/robot complete we need to be able to get some better apis and more importantly be able to charge for your apps. Currently it can be possible to charge for the usage of a robot and with some development also a gadget, but it is a pain and will require to much of the user.

I’m therefore looking forward a Wave app store is created. It will be interesting to see if it only supports one time payments or monthly payments and maybe even corporate multi seat licenses. The wave app store will mean that more developers will start with developing programs for Google Wave, making the platform more attractive.

I’m currently only letting my apps be available to my mail list subscribers. We have a new scrum gadget that just need to be published. So sign up to the newsletter and try it out.

The Google Wave hype is over; now start use it

I have seen the number of visitors on my site drop quite a bit. I’m not sure that I’m the only one how is seeing it. I guess that it is because Wave is not as novel any more and people how want access an ready has access. They can therefore create their own opinion about how it should work and how they can use Wave.

There as also be fewer announcements of software for the Wave. It could be because we was near christmas and it was not time for any news, but there could also be reasons like the users are not ready yet.

We saw last year that 12sprints(a SAP project) was released, which in some aspects looks like Google Wave but more structured. An Novell which created a property Wave server them self and then found they could support Wave instead and get more traction. I think there will be more products that lean towards Wave as a way to appeal to a larger community. The different softwares will make the usage more difficult to figure out for users and to select the correct tool for them.

I guess that it is the early adopters using Wave now and they are introducing their friends to Wave. When I was introduced to 12sprints the idea was to figure out how you will use it your self and then add your friends. With Wave it is a bit different, on waveyou just add you friends and then figure how you will use it. That mean you get a lot of different options on how wave can be implement. I have many different ways I’m using Google Wave and with different parties. There are many different use cases with Wave.

A problem with Google Wave is that it is seldom you notice any difference in the interface, and many of the changes are small to fix some bugs. Ie the Robot api has not been changed since 16 september, even there are some improvement that would be nice to implement.

12sprints and Google Wave

Now it seems like the story about 12sprints have leaked a bit more. Since Cmswire and also a blog on SAP Developer Network, so I will also be able to write about it.

12sprints or constellation, which it also has been know as, i a service developed by SAP.

I got access to 12sprints on Monday as  a part of the SAP Mentors forum. I’m not sure how much, I can talk about the product. I’m not allowed to show screen shots of the application before the launch. On the frontpage of are some screenshots of the information provided by SAP/12sprints.

I have just tried using 12sprint a little to see how it feels like,  so I’m unable to fully compare it to Wave. It has a nice interface and are able to use the functions quite easy. I have not seen how the multi user functionality works, or if it is real time.

12Sprints is a tool for creating decisions based on the response from multiply persons. So it is target more towards enterprises, and but it could probably also make sense to use 12sprints when you need to make decision with your spouse on where to go on vacation.

To assist with the decission making are diffrent tools like pro/con tables or cost benefit tables, you can use collectivly. It would be the same kinds of tools you would use to make a decision in a group normaly.

Compared to Wave 12sprints are more structured and probably easier to find and comment on decisions in. I see that you can have more unstructured data in Wave, but with the right tools/gadget in Wave you could create an environment close to 12sprints. I’m going to look future into how 12sprints works and when to use it over Wave.

Follow 12sprints on twitter, to get more updates on the release.

Google Wave as a replacement of Notes databases

databaseI was talking a person how was using Lotus Notes to administrate some of their interfaces towards the users. That made me think if Google Wave can replace Lotus Notes.

I have been using Notes 6.5 and seen some of their databases. I did try to create some databases/application back in Notes 5. I was not really great at creating the applications. Some of the companies I have worked with have been using Notes to mange parts of their enterprise. Some use notes to employees easy has access to create new customers instead of using the more complex SAP screen for it. Or to build workflow applications to make the approval process of new customers easier than developing the same in SAP. I have also seen Databases with extract from SAP, where Notes just was a different interface.

I have not see how the newest version of Notes 8.5 works, but a lot of improvements should have been implemented to make it even more user friendly. I have always seen Notes as a system which was not really user friendly. The previous versions of Notes mail solution was not worth using compared to outlook, but the new version should be better. So I have always thought the killer app of notes was the many databases you could create and not the mail feature.

Lotus Notes is like Wave a collaborative software, which helps many people work together. I don’t think it is possible to edit documents together. But Notes has the Instant messaging feture, which works nicely together with the email contact. I see Notes databases as a strong force that it has the option of synchronization to off-line work.

Can you create an application on Google Wave to perform the same as you would to in a Notes database? Lots of the examples that I have created like the workflow and form demo, es-robot could be examples an example of where an application was exposed on Wave instead of the ERP system. That is basically what Notes also does.

Wave is not a good container for lots of unstructured data. In the instance we want to have our customers in Google Wave, we can either create a Wave pr customer or we can create one Wave with all the customers. The best would probably to have one Wave pr customer. It will be easy to find a specific customer using the search function, for name or street. But if we need all customers in the northern part of Zeeland ie post numbers 1000-3000 it will be difficult. You could tag the customers with lots of different tags like area, this will require a structured approach to create the customers.

When you have found the customer you want to perform an action on there could be a form making it possible to create order in a new Wave or a link to the Wave of previous orders.

It would be interesting to have all orders in Wave. I don’t think that it will create so much value, because you can just find them but not do anything with them. I think that it will be a bit deficult to make a great Wave robot/gadget for analizing changing sales orders. From my experiacnes with sales orders is that they are quite complex, when you use scheduling and have different processes for handling them.

But back to the question if  Wave will replace Lotus notes. I think that companies what to have their data more structured, which Lotus Notes supports best. In university I learned about the semi structured data, but I don’t see that it adopted on a massive scale.  On a longer sight there might be a swift toward using unstructured data to store data unstructured, with the structured data in the ERP system. I think Wave could be one of the places where Notes databases should be dropped.

If the development APIs for Wave became better to make applications, it would probably be easier to expose your data in Wave.

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