Google Wave Gadgets lack quality

I tested quite a bit of different Google Wave gadgets in my christmas calender last month. I tried 40 different apps with a large verity in their complexity and usability. Some of them did not have any useful functions or did not work.

I really liked many of the ideas created in the gadgets and some was really useful. It was fun to see how people wanted to impress with new ideas.

The quality of the gadgets and robot was lausy. Mine included. I believe that many of to my application must be improved. But with the limited option in the robot API hinders making layouts to shine. It also provide a hindering there is a lack of way the gadget/robots can work together. If there was a better way to make the gadgets/robot work together, the layout issues could be solved.

I will say that most of the gadgets except maybe the simpler voting gadgets all require extra work before they can be used by a wider audience. The robots where you need to write commands with # or ! as the only thing in blip, I doubt that my mother will pick it up easily which is required to get non tech savvy users on board.

One key to make it possible to get the robot to function better is to pay the developers. I guess most of the developers of the robots/gadgets I have seen just tried the protocol out of see if they could make something useful. And they can. But to make them look wave-y the gadgets need to look better.

To make the gadgets/robot complete we need to be able to get some better apis and more importantly be able to charge for your apps. Currently it can be possible to charge for the usage of a robot and with some development also a gadget, but it is a pain and will require to much of the user.

I’m therefore looking forward a Wave app store is created. It will be interesting to see if it only supports one time payments or monthly payments and maybe even corporate multi seat licenses. The wave app store will mean that more developers will start with developing programs for Google Wave, making the platform more attractive.

I’m currently only letting my apps be available to my mail list subscribers. We have a new scrum gadget that just need to be published. So sign up to the newsletter and try it out.

Google Wave Notifier is updated

I’m using Google Wave notifier to get updates on new waves I’m participating in. It gives you an update at the same time a wave is updated.

Today I was informed by the application that a new update was installed. I really enjoy software that auto update and that you don’t need to do anything.  The new update is able to show how from my contacts are online. So when a new contact is online you get a popup with that user is online.

The new version has the following new changes.


  • Implemented online and offline notification of users in the contact list;
  • Moved the manual online;
  • Improved detection of installed browsers;
  • Rebuild internet communication so that all web requests are done in the background;
  • Increased timeouts for internet communication allowing clients with slow internet connections to correctly download the latest version.

Gina Trapani: Making Sense of Google Wave

Gina Trapani the author of CompleteWaveGuide gave a presentation at Web 2.0 Expo NY 09 on just 15 minutes. So it is possible to make sort presentations of what wave is.

There was accilty a lot of really interesting points, which it was worth taking into accounts. The thing I noticed was:

  • You cannot explain Wave in one sentence. That is probably one of the problems when you meet somebody at a reception, how do you explain what wave is. My reply is often a combination of Email, IM, Wikis(which most don’t know) and documents in a online workspace.
  • We are all power users in Wave and are able to do everything we want. We just need to learn how.
  • Also you cannot expect to fully use Wave in just an afternoon. It takes  along time to get use to. I think, I know about how to use Wave, but you are always impressed by the content and usages.
  • Gina guesses that we will not check our wave inbox as often as we do with our mail. That will be a relief not to constantly feel bad for not checking your mail.
  • When they worked on the Complete Wave Guide, the team did not write the book in Wave but used Wave to have all the business discussions in. They said Wave was not stable enough to they had confidence that it would last.

The video can be seen below.

Follow, unfollow and archive

3111207407_ea37525588_mI found that the Wave client was changed today, it now looks like the Mute button has been replaced with an Unfollow button. I therefore thought, I would research the how the different functionalities.

  • Archive. Archive move the Wave from you Inbox. You will be notified when the wave changes with the Wave pops up into your inbox. This would be the normal way to clean up in your inbox.
  • Unfollow. Unfollow should be used when you don’t want notifications on your wave. The wave is removed from your inbox. Unlike when you archive the Wave, it will not pop back in when you make changes. So you can use this function when you don’t want to see the prolonged conversation. It will be useful when you have contributed your part to a discussion, and don’t want to participate in the discussion again. Other participants cannot see that you have muted the message, so if you are asked a question you are not informed. I would suspect that Unfollow will be an important part of cleaning up.
  • Follow. Follow is used when you have Unfollowed a Wave or want to subscribe to a new Wave. Then you will be informed of changes, it will work like normal.
  • Spam. Spam is used to mark the content as Spam. I’m not sure if any processing is done to mark the sender as a spammer.
  • Trash. Trash is to mark the Waves as something you don’t care about any more. You will not be able to find the Wave again in your inbox. But it still exists on Wave, since everyone else can see the content.

I will need to be better at using Unfollow, so I’m not informed of all the changes all the time.

Image by: yoshiffles