New Wave Features for Robots API!

Other nice features of Google Wave are now released! These are three new features created for Robots API namely: Bundled Annotations, Inline Blips, and Read-Only Roles.

Bundled Annotations

  • Allows you to specify both the content to append and the annotation(s) to apply to content itself, all at the same action

Inline Blips

  • This is a new attribute to the Blip classes to let robots access the positions of inline blips inside other blips

Read-Only Roles

  • Lets the creator of a wave set access rights for the other participants as either “full access” (the default) or “read only”
  • Read-only participants are forbidden to make alterations on the wave but given the permission to see live changes on the wave and its history

For a more detailed view on these key features, visit announcement wave.

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