5 Reasons Why Google Wave is Ready for Enterprise Use

I have been a fan of using Google Wave for communication. I have started to use wave in the sandbox, but at that time, it was not ready for enterprise use. Nothing has changed until the announcements at Google IO.

  1. Google can be run on your domain in the Google Apps environment. I wrote on my experiences with this earlier in “Announcing New Google Wave Application Developed by Masteringwave.” I think that this is a killer feature of the Google Apps which allows more users to switch to Gmail, because they get the functionality they want.
  2. With the help of wave for Google Apps it is possible to sell extensions to users of Google Wave for Apps. With the Google Apps Marketplace, it is possible to sell applications that can be used on the domain. I see this as a really nice way to start the promotion and selling of products, because it leverages the authentication of users that already exists in the enterprise. I’m expecting that this so fair is the best way to start selling products for Wave, and the way Caseish will be sold.
  3. The groups’ functionality is going to be extended more, making it possible to tailor the groups’ experiences even better. This is something that from the Wave Fireside chat at Google IO was something that was going to be released at some point.
  4. There are at least three servers that can federate with GoogleWave Sandbox at the moment (SAP, Novell, and ProcessOne). I only think that SAPs Streamworks is the only one already available.
  5. The stability and users experience have grown. Now it is much easier to get started using Google Wave. You don’t need to be a geek anymore to start using Wave for your projects.
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Daniel Graversen

Founder of masteringwave.com and SAP Integration consultant at figaf.com

3 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Google Wave is Ready for Enterprise Use”

  1. I have to agree Wave is enterprise ready. Google still needs to separate the enterprise apps from consumer but they’ll get their in time. Btw: check out Unawave.com for a really good project managment experience on wave.

  2. Hi Mark,

    I have seen what Unawave can, it is a pretty nice tools. But our caseish also does something in the area but provides a much better integrated solution for monitoring what is going on.

  3. Yep, I am a fan of Google Wave and its running with great strength. But still average people are not interested in Wave. I think Google has to focus in those.

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