Work on strategic analyses using Google Wave

When you are working on designing your business or a product launch, it requires the use of some of the strategic tools. It can be the SWOT, PEST or PESTEL or the BCG growth matrix. Normally work on those tools is done in a room and on a whiteboard. The whiteboard is a really great way to work and it can make people work together and create a lot of interesting content. It though has some challenges for teams that are not sitting together or are difficult to get in the same room.

With Google Wave can collaborate on creating the same result. But then you will have to use different blips for managing each cell and this can lead to some unstructed content. With the help of a gadget there can be more structure on the content. See the following video to see what the gadget is able to do.

I’m looking forward to see when the Appstore for Google Wave will be released, so it is possible to sell the gadgets and spend more time on development of the applications. At the moment the gadget is only avaible for subscribers of our newsletter. Signup to the newsletter today and get access to the gadget.

Are there any other models that you will propose we implement?

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2 thoughts on “Work on strategic analyses using Google Wave”

  1. Again, another great wave gadget! I love what you’ve done with the logos, they are fun and intuitive. And the app appears easy to use.

    I’ve never seen any other app on the net that does SWOT, PESTEL and BCG. looking forward for more of your gadgets!

    Fantastic work!

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