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There as been a taskboard gadget for Google Wave for a long time that we talked about in the Wave calendars first day.  The idea with this gadget was to make it simple to promote ideas between users and make then able to manage the project.

On MasteringWave we have produced a new Taskboard gadget, created in flex where there is spend some more time on the interface to make it look wave-y. The gadget lets you assign users to tasks and view which tasks are unassigned.

I have created a small video demonstrating how the gadget works.

To get access to the link, join our newsletter on the right menu then you will get a link to the gadget. (I need to make some tweeks before I can send it out but it should happen within a few days).

The taskboard gadget fits very well with our other scrum gadget the Wave Planning poker gadget. Do you think there are any tools missing to create a better scrum experience.

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4 thoughts on “Scrum Task board gadget”

  1. Very, very nice gadget Daniel. Trying to think how to make it better and the only thing that comes to mind is being able to assign a priority and making the date stand out more. But, I am just finding to try stuff to add. This is a very good gadget as is.

  2. It´s a amazing gadget.. i wanna try it..
    I´ve joined to newsletter yesterday and didn´t reveiced the access link.. could you send me the access link please?

    Great work man!

  3. Best looking Scrum Taskboard i’ve ever seen! attractive, fun and unique!

    may need to add some priority boxes though but looks really good and i love the drag and drop functionality. looks better than the real thing!

  4. Great idea. My one piece of feedback- I need to be able to see the tasks/stories without clicking on the view button. Bigger text is all….

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