WaveCalender 9: Embed Youtube videos in your Wave

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Daniel Graversen

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3 thoughts on “WaveCalender 9: Embed Youtube videos in your Wave”

  1. Very cool. This will definitely come in handy. It’s very easy to embed as well without the extra step of having to add a bot or something to the wave.

  2. Slightly confused by the post – you don’t have to add a gadget yourself, there’s one built into wave.

    Just past the url in & a lightbulb icon appears after it – click on that and the video gets embedded.

    I suppose that gadget could add additional functionality, but you *really* don’t need to go to that much trouble to embed a youtube video :-/

  3. imma is right, after you place a video link Gwave recognize the URL as an video and convert it to a video.

    Very strange that so many people doesn’t recognize this feature.
    I get 50+ visitors a day, searching for a solution.
    (for those people the generator is still a great tool)

    Thanks for the post!

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