WaveCalender 8: Treeify connecting your Waves

I have previous tried to look at the Treeify robot by Peter Svedberg. But I never made it work, so I could make a demo of it. Now I have pulled together the time to have a look at it. This robot was suggested by David Cook from The Shiny Wave. If you have other suggestions of Wave applications, we should have a look please create a comment.

The robot is able to make a tree structure of your documents. The robot consists of a form where the user can administrate the structure. You can create new nodes, which corresponds to new Waves. It is possible to update the name of a node. This is a bit more complex to implement, but it seems to work just fine.

The robot is created in Java, but seems to contain links to a gadget. I have not been able to figure out how the gadget works. It looks like a quite complex infrastructure to make it work.

I have created a video showing how the gadget works.

This video show cases how it is possible to create links between different Wave. Using this architecture it would be possible to create some rather complex structures of Waves. It would make sense if you where using Wave to create a book or something like it.

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Daniel Graversen

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2 thoughts on “WaveCalender 8: Treeify connecting your Waves”

  1. Thanks for the review Daniel. I was thinking that it could be used for collaboration of large document that some larger architecture projects have to deliver. Typically we do these things in pieces and not necessarily from the beginning. But rather all over the place. I could see how this could help but still allow you to collaborate.

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