WaveCalender 4: Invity

When you are having troubles with managing a large group of people you can use the Invity robot.
The Danish Wave news site called “BølgenDK” which we talked about a little while ago is currently on a subscriber list of 500. Using this manually can be a rather difficult job. I was working on a robot to help with the project, but found this robot and it seems to cover the basics of managing lists more user-friendly.

The robot is really easy to use.

  • Just add pw-invity@appspot.com to the Wave where all the participants are in
  • Select create new Group
  • Create you new group and add pw-invity@appspot.com and you will be able

This is demonstrated in the video that I have created.

What I like about the robot is the connection to the with the gadget. The guys behind the gadget has spent some time on describing how the gadget/robot interacted. It seems really simple to make this work. It seems like the robot can see data from inside the gadget.

The only thing which is a bit irritating, is that the gadget is reloading when you press one of the buttons. That is the only thing which does not work optimal.

This robot can also be used to have conversation within your company, where you want to have the same people in the wave every time.

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Daniel Graversen

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4 thoughts on “WaveCalender 4: Invity”

  1. Hi,

    thanks a lot for the review and the first screen cast. 😉

    The reloading gadget is a known issue in the Extension API. We probably should add some feedback though for the user that the gadget is doing something and it could take some time.

  2. I can see how this will be useful. But I don’t like the use cases that go into large Waves. I really think Wave is best for a group not larger then 10-15.

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