WaveCalender 17: Read Onlie Robot

Google Wave is still on its early stages and we all know that there are still a lot of functions that are missing in the current release. One such feature which is really nice to have would be the read-only feature. As of now, it’s not yet possible but we are certainly looking forward to the day when we can set our blips or waves as read-only. But for those who cannot wait, you can use Read Onlie (readonliebot@appspot.com) robot. This robot allows the user to set their blips to read-only.

Currently, there are three keywords (case sensitive) that the user can use:

  • “OWNERONLY” – nobody can edit except the owner of the blip
  • “READONLY” – nobody can edit the blip including the owner
  • “RESTORE” – restores the parent blip data (still needs work)

How does this work?

Just include the keyword in the text and after the blip is submitted the robot will check if the keywords are present in the text.


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