WaveCalender 13: Magic 8 Ball

Struggling with decisions in life? Dilemmas? Wondering what the future has in store for us?

Ask the magic 8 ball!

The magic 8 ball originally created by Albert Carter in 1946 is a legendary fortune telling device or seeking device which is designed to answer every question. While the real thing is not compatible enough to be shared online with our friends, the guys in wave ActionScript library are so nice to create this wonderful magic 8 ball that you can share with your friends online on google wave with same wavelet allowing you to share its answers with your friends. It responds in real time and shakes as you click on it just like the way you do it in the real thing. With 20 different answers, the magic 8 ball is a good app to use when you’re struggling with decisions in life, dilemmas, and questions that your friends don’t even have the guts to answer.

The magic 8 ball gadget is built on Flex and using wave-as-client ActionScript library for Flex to connect to the JavaScript API available on Google Wave. This app shows you how simple apps can be so fun to use when you are on Google Wave. Come and enjoy this app with your friends for free on wavesandbox.com , if you have sandbox accounts, or on Google Wave Preview. Just click on the button that says add gadget and paste this gadget XML url: http://wave-as-client.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/example/wavemagic8/web/wavemagic8.xml


Wave Extension Installer XML file creator


After a while of strenuous coding and testing, the developer is ready to make his/her work public. But one obstacle still remains for the developer and that is to make the Wave extension Installer.

The Wave extension installer is important as this simplifies the task in installing the app on wave. Because the developer aims his/her work for the public to use, the developer should make everything easy for the users to install and use his/her app. Imagine if you have to make your users learn a scripting language before they can use your app, chances are your users may grow tired of it and may missed the chance of using your app.

The Wave Extension Installer XML File Creator is an app specifically designed for developers to simplify their work on creating Wave Extension Installers. This app is built on Flex and using the wave-as-client ActionScript Library for Flex. This is a nice app to use for first time developers and to some because after all those strenuous coding and testing, developers may get lazy to create the wave extension installer. With this app, all you have to do is fill out the form, click “Done”, and copy the generated XML content. Just remember the app is bigger than a regular size blip so you may have to maximize your wavelet to fully view the app.

You can try out the app in this gadget XML URL: http://wave-as-client.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/example/wave_install_creator/web/wave_install_creator.xml


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