WaveCalender 12: Card gadget

The card gadget seems to be in its early stages still. I can see that the basic actions that we can do with a card or a deck can be done with this gadget. Flipping a card, dragging a card from the deck, stacking cards, peeking on one card, etc…. But there is one bug (or is it a feature?) in that when a player peeks on a turned up card, the peek action still occurs. It peeks at the back of the card. Well normally in a card game there’s no need to peek at the other side of a turned up card unless you scribbled your date’s number there and forgot about it. If it is a feature, it’s an unneeded one and looks to me like it screams for a fix on its irrelevance.

Peek Bug

The gadget has a lot of potential to accommodate card games. Solitaire, strip poker, pusoy dos, etc… what with the actions that a participant can do. But the problem is that it’s too macro in its scope that playing a card game will get confusing easily because of the lack of rules and scoring for that specific game. I guess I’m asking for a different gadget here. Maybe something patterned after this one. But at least some restrictions to participants that they can only do an action on a card that they have and not cause chaos on the other player’s hand would be great.

Multiple Participants

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