WaveCalender 10: Graphy a way to make connected graphs in Wave

The Shiny Wave has a blog on Google Wave helping Scientist Collaborate. I thought that going to some to the gadgets mention there could be interesting. The gadget I found the most interesting is Graphy by Elliott Slaughter.

The gadget allows you to create a graph between different elements and see how it relates to each other. This is really useful when you are describing something and needs to get a connection between some entities.

Sorry for the missing sound,  will make the sound on the next videos.

Using Wave to create the graph could is interesting because there could be different interpretations between on how the connections are. With Wave it is possible to make them connect to each other.

The userinterface is not the most best, because for every keystroke the gadget is recreated. This makes it quite slow when generating when working with the gadget. A way to workaround this is to remove the instruction line in the beginning.

This robot/gadget show cases how it is  possible to make a connection between the two types.

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One thought on “WaveCalender 10: Graphy a way to make connected graphs in Wave”

  1. Thanks for the mention Daniel. I think this gadget is useful and hopefully the author will build upon its success and popularity with the scientist.

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