WaveCalendar 24: Publish to WordPress

For this last post I was looking for a gadget or robot that had some Christmas sense. In the Wave Samples Gallery I was unable to find a christmas tree gadget or anything in that order. I therefore would like to write a little about the last robot that I made. The wordpress bot, that you can install on your own appengine instance. This robot was initial tied up with my test blog site and only that.

In November the next version of the robot was released. This time the wordpress robot could publish to your own blog. It made it much easier for people to publish waves to their blog. A change was also made in the embed api by Google, so it was not possible to change the root blip.  This makes the publishing much easier, then it just miss the option of viewing the wave without a Wave account. I can see that the robot wp-bot@appspot.com has published to 122 different blogs, so it is something that people are using.

You can see the demo of the robot hire.

I’m hoping to get some more time in the next year to improve some of the features of the robot.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this calender and have found some new useful gadgets, which you can use in your daily life with Wave. If you have any ideas for gadget you think we should have a look at please drop a comment or a wave.

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One thought on “WaveCalendar 24: Publish to WordPress”

  1. Great series of reviews. I found them very informative as you introduced me to a few extensions I had not heard of before. Glad to hear this robot is becoming successful and I look forward to the enhancements for the New Year.

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