WaveCalendar 21: Translatey

Translatey (translatey@appspot.com) is a robot that can translate your language to another. Its Based on Google-Translate API, That can do translation from/to 50+ languages. So now you can chat anyone using this robot even you cant understand any other language that are supported. Its really easy to use, Just add the robot in your wave and enter the language code of what translation do you want on what you are saying, To get the list of the language code just enter ‘/?’

This robot is useful in such way that you don’t need to research or look over the web when conversing and chatting. In most times, being able to use your own dialect makes one person more expressive. expressing oneself in its native dialect while chatting and allow this translator to translate it to a language that the audience understands is really a big help. One downside of this translator is the word-for-word translations that sometimes sounds wrong as oppose to its real meaning.

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