WaveCalendar 19: ChartMaker

The ChartMarker Gadget is a gadget for creating graphs in Google Wave. It is really easy to use you add the robot with the address chart-maker@appspot.com.

To make a graph you use a command like the following {p 3,4,5}.

It is also possible to create other chart types like:

  • lc forLine with axis
  • p for simple pie chart
  • r for Rador diagram

For more options see the projects page.

I have created a small video showing the gadget.

The code for the robot is really simple. When submit is pressed the blip is searched for a chart command. The cart command is then converted into a url for Google Chart APIs like http://chart.apis.google.com/chart?chs=250×100&chl=10|30|60|43&chdl=10|30|60|43&cht=p3&chd=t:10,30,60,43

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