WaveCalendar 18: Scrumpoker

I really pleased with today’s calendar. I’m a fan of scrum as a way to make project much more agile. I have been experimenting with using Google Wave for organizing our scrum effort. Wave contains many of the elements which required organizing a scrum project. It has the option of creating all the content and collaboration.

One part there is missing is the ability to estimate each story. A tool used in for this is Planning Poker. Where each participant can select how many points they want to assign to the story. When everybody has selected their guess the guess is shared between participants, and they can figure out if all has the same idea of the difficulty of the plan.

I have recorded a small video of how the gadget works.

This tool is currently just in beta, and we want to improve it. The tool will only be for our subscribers, so please signup on our mailinglist to get access to the location of the file. We would sure like some feedback on what you think of the tool. So when you have signed up to our mailinglist and tried the tool out; drop a comment on this blog of your thoughts. I seen the like on Sunday, so signup now. There is a form for the mailing list on the right.

The gadget has been made in Adobe Flex, which makes it possible to make some better looking gadgets.

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2 thoughts on “WaveCalendar 18: Scrumpoker”

  1. Hello. I found the idea great, thank you very much for sharing. Testing it have a problem, if someone from the team makes its selection, the rest fail to see the values and we can not select any. ¿?

  2. Hi Grego, I believe your problem is with the connection, sometimes wave can get slow on responses or fail to respond at all. Images get loaded when you end the session, when your internet is slow or if wave fails to respond, you won’t get the values. Have test this app and it works fine for me.

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