Google has acquired Etherpad

It is really interesting to hear that Google and more specifically the Google Wave team as acquired the Etherpad. It is interesting that Google Wave already are creating acquisitions, to get more knowledge. Congratulations to the Etherpad team.

Etherpad is an online wordprocesser, to enable you to work with multiply collaborators on a document. I have just tried to use Etherpad to test it out, but it is really easy for users to get started on. The nice feature is that you can share your documents with anyone else and they can collaborate on the document without having to create an account.


I have not tried etherpad before today. But it is a really simple product and makes the process of writing some text really easy also for new users.

Etherpad has two really cool features:

  • The timeslider on etherpad is really need. It saves all keystrokes so you can see all keystrokes. But more importantly it works really fast, you can just drag it back and forth and the update is instantaneously.
  • It is possible to save and restore to revisions. When you have saved a revision you can go back and restore from this point. Using revisions will make contract work much easier because you can agree on a version and you can also undo some of the changes you have made.

I’m really looking forward to see the two features in Google Wave and get some of the benefits that Etherpad otherwise ill contribute with.

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2 thoughts on “Google has acquired Etherpad”

  1. another one by google … I dont think they will take this forward, instead they may add it to google docs or wave, and forget etherpad ..

  2. The “save revision” function is nice. Makes it a bit more like editing a wiki, or maybe just more like using RCS. Either way – Wave needs that.

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