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Now it seems like the story about 12sprints have leaked a bit more. Since Cmswire and also a blog on SAP Developer Network, so I will also be able to write about it.

12sprints or constellation, which it also has been know as, i a service developed by SAP.

I got access to 12sprints on Monday as  a part of the SAP Mentors forum. I’m not sure how much, I can talk about the product. I’m not allowed to show screen shots of the application before the launch. On the frontpage of 12sprints.com are some screenshots of the information provided by SAP/12sprints.

I have just tried using 12sprint a little to see how it feels like,  so I’m unable to fully compare it to Wave. It has a nice interface and are able to use the functions quite easy. I have not seen how the multi user functionality works, or if it is real time.

12Sprints is a tool for creating decisions based on the response from multiply persons. So it is target more towards enterprises, and but it could probably also make sense to use 12sprints when you need to make decision with your spouse on where to go on vacation.

To assist with the decission making are diffrent tools like pro/con tables or cost benefit tables, you can use collectivly. It would be the same kinds of tools you would use to make a decision in a group normaly.

Compared to Wave 12sprints are more structured and probably easier to find and comment on decisions in. I see that you can have more unstructured data in Wave, but with the right tools/gadget in Wave you could create an environment close to 12sprints. I’m going to look future into how 12sprints works and when to use it over Wave.

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