Wave presentation at Dong Energy

On Thursday Daniel Graversen gave a presentation on Google Wave at Dongenergy, one of the largest companies in Denmark. The presentation was given as part of a SOA workshop, and Wave was introduced as a place where SOA could be leveraged.

The presentation was only on 15 minuttes, so there was not a lot of time to go into all the details, only the basics of Wave was covered:

  • Wave editing and chat demonstration
  • How the Gravity client works and real time editing of the Wave.
  • SAP customer service robot which demostrates the use Wave as a Enterprise Service client.

You can see the slides below.

The most interesting was a 1 hour workshop, where we discussed how Wave could be used in organizations the size of Dong Energy. The result of this discussion will be posted in a future blog post.

If you need a presentation on Google Wave for our company or organization send a mail to dgr@WaveOnBusiness.com or Wave to dgraversen@googlewave.com, and we can arrange a presentation.

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