Wave Bot: Annoty

I was looking at the Wave robot Annoty. Annoty is a Google Wave robot which is able to change the text as you write.

To add the robot simply, add annoty@appspot.com to the Wave.

The robot implements usage of regular expression, which makes it easy to extend the robots functionality. The robot contains option to add commands, when you are typing commands like the following.

<annoty add 'italic' 'style/fontStyle' 'italic'>

When the user enters italic, the text will be converted to italic. A regular expression could also be used, which will make usage much easier.

The robot also contains easy linking to ie. bug reports which could be identified by a Jira number or debian number.

A demonstration of the robot can be seen on the video blow.

The robot is an example on how the robot can be used to help with providing more context to a conversation. It is like the demo DJ Adams where he retrieves the complete text from sevice calls in the SAP backend. See his demo below.

The robot did not respond during the review, so it is only based on the video.

Would you recommend any robots, which also can help with adding context to the Wave?

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