Gina Trapani: Making Sense of Google Wave

Gina Trapani the author of CompleteWaveGuide gave a presentation at Web 2.0 Expo NY 09 on just 15 minutes. So it is possible to make sort presentations of what wave is.

There was accilty a lot of really interesting points, which it was worth taking into accounts. The thing I noticed was:

  • You cannot explain Wave in one sentence. That is probably one of the problems when you meet somebody at a reception, how do you explain what wave is. My reply is often a combination of Email, IM, Wikis(which most don’t know) and documents in a online workspace.
  • We are all power users in Wave and are able to do everything we want. We just need to learn how.
  • Also you cannot expect to fully use Wave in just an afternoon. It takes  along time to get use to. I think, I know about how to use Wave, but you are always impressed by the content and usages.
  • Gina guesses that we will not check our wave inbox as often as we do with our mail. That will be a relief not to constantly feel bad for not checking your mail.
  • When they worked on the Complete Wave Guide, the team did not write the book in Wave but used Wave to have all the business discussions in. They said Wave was not stable enough to they had confidence that it would last.

The video can be seen below.

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4 thoughts on “Gina Trapani: Making Sense of Google Wave”

  1. great post Daniel. google wave is really growing fast as for the time it was first released to the public, now a lot of my friends are already using google wave. it really is exciting to see how google wave is going to impact the web in the coming months and years.

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