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3111207407_ea37525588_mI found that the Wave client was changed today, it now looks like the Mute button has been replaced with an Unfollow button. I therefore thought, I would research the how the different functionalities.

  • Archive. Archive move the Wave from you Inbox. You will be notified when the wave changes with the Wave pops up into your inbox. This would be the normal way to clean up in your inbox.
  • Unfollow. Unfollow should be used when you don’t want notifications on your wave. The wave is removed from your inbox. Unlike when you archive the Wave, it will not pop back in when you make changes. So you can use this function when you don’t want to see the prolonged conversation. It will be useful when you have contributed your part to a discussion, and don’t want to participate in the discussion again. Other participants cannot see that you have muted the message, so if you are asked a question you are not informed. I would suspect that Unfollow will be an important part of cleaning up.
  • Follow. Follow is used when you have Unfollowed a Wave or want to subscribe to a new Wave. Then you will be informed of changes, it will work like normal.
  • Spam. Spam is used to mark the content as Spam. I’m not sure if any processing is done to mark the sender as a spammer.
  • Trash. Trash is to mark the Waves as something you don’t care about any more. You will not be able to find the Wave again in your inbox. But it still exists on Wave, since everyone else can see the content.

I will need to be better at using Unfollow, so I’m not informed of all the changes all the time.

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5 thoughts on “Follow, unfollow and archive”

  1. re:Trash
    ‘everyone else can see the content’ …?
    Did you mean ‘some other people may be able to’
    Much of the content on wave is non-public 😉

  2. The first night I used the new follow/unfollow I kept having to refresh. Seems like they got it working more stable now.
    Regardless, I like this new functionality. My inbox was getting filled with a number of waves that couldn’t be trashed for whatever reason.

  3. The unfollow function has a effect you didnt mention.

    If you are private/pinged inside an unfollowed wave, it still pops up in your inbox.

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