Evaluation of the first Google Wave meetup in Denmark

Just got home from the first meetup in Denmark.

The event was held at the IT University, which is a really fancy new building. Check out some of the pictures from the site. Thanks Jacques Holst for getting the room.

There was around 25 persons with different experiences with Google Wave. 5 had not used Wave, and only 2 had developed applications on Wave. Guess that includes yours truly. So there are not a lot of developers on Wave arround. What a shame, but makes the area much better for us.

I had an idea of people had knowledge of Google Wave, but since that was not the case I had to make a 15 minutes introduction to Wave. I should probably create a few slides shows for the 5 and 15 minute introduction of Wave, which can be used in such instances. I think the introduction was ok, though it would have helped if I had presentations for the amount of time.

Jacques gave a great presentation on how his class made notes in Wave. The whole class was on Wave and they could easily take notes together. It was to early to guess if the use of Wave for studes was giving better learning. Jacques said he feldt he learned more using Wave to take notes in collaboration with the others. They also uploaded the slides and commented on them in Wave.

I gave a short demo of how Gravity and my Enterprise Service robot works. For more info see the post New SAP ES Demo: Creating Service Requests.

I pitched Google Technology User Group Gtug.dk and hope we can gather enough people to start a chapter in Copenhagen. Please join on gtug.dk and we will see if we can start something.

Lastly we talked about if we should have more meetings. We agreed on having a next meeting sometime in January 2010. There will be focus on some development perspective, and it will be interesting to see what we can create.

If you where at the event, please comment on how you feel we can make next event better. Either hire as comments or in the Wave we created. Was the meetup.com site any useful or can we just organize the whole thing in Wave.

Slides from the presentation:

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3 thoughts on “Evaluation of the first Google Wave meetup in Denmark”

  1. It was a useful first meetup, I thought. Very heterogeneous crowd, but that’s OK. Building community is the first step. Having the hacker-focused meetup is a good next step.

    Thanks for organizing!

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