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ANDROIDIt is interesting to see how new technologies are adopted. One marker is the number of books in the field. The more books on a topic the more it looks like it is gaining traction.

Google Wave is becoming popular and popular everyday as developers and new users learn and find ways to improve it. We have heard of so many reviews, websites and seen video tutorials about the wave. Many said it will replace the traditional email, instant messengers and other means of communication. Nevertheless, the Google Wave so to say is the next big thing in the industry of social networking. It is so much applicable to almost all sorts of environments; be it offices, schools, or homes; wave enables people interact without limits. Even though the wave may have rough edges and unstable operations, the Google team, with so many developers are making the best to provide the world with the most convenient and limitless tool. I know for sure that many internet fans out there crave to test out Google Wave.

O’reilly Media will release the book “Google Wave: Up and Running”. It costs $29.99 and you can purchase it here ( The book aims to provide tutorials and even some easy step by step procedures on how to use and build extensions for Google Wave, the exciting new real-time communication and collaboration technology that unifies email, instant messaging (IM), wiki, and social networking functions in one integrated platform. With this book, you’ll quickly learn about Google Wave client and how to use Google Wave’s APIs to extend the platform and customize its functions and display.”

The book which has already been published is the Complete Wave Guide, which covers how users can interact with Wave. I have just read the online version, but it is fairly easy to read and contains lots of practical informations. The books is available online, but you can also download the book for 6$. I have not seen a book like this for Android.

A way to compare the release of books with with how Android books has been released. The beta release of Android SDK was from August 18 2008. The first book I have found is 29 July 2008, so it was based on the alpha SDK of Android. It does make sense that the book can be published before the SDK, because Android was public much earlier in the process. Where as Wave as private until May 2009.

The full list of Android books the releases is the following, according to what I could find.

  • Professional Android Application Development Nov 2008
  • Hello, Android: Introducing Google’s Mobile Development Platform Dec 2008
  • The Busy Coder’s Guide to Android Development Febuary 2009
  • Google on the Go: Using an Android-Powered Mobile Phone Febuary 2009
  • Unlocking Android April 2009
  • Android Application Development: Programming with the Google SDK May 2009
  • Beginning Android June 2009
  • Android Wireless Application Development September 2009

It is a kind of impressing that this many books has been released on the topic of Android. I’m not sure on how stable the API is, is the first books for the beta relase already outdated. I could imagine Wave development books also will be outdated quite fast, since the APIs are not stable yet.

There has been published 8 books on just over a year on Android. Will we get more with Wave? Will there be any e-books for developers?

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  1. On one side its positive that there are people investing alot of time and money into creating powerful references to Google Wave, on the other side it could be seen upon as quite advanced if they give the impression that you need a book to use it.

    That said, there is also books and manuals for Facebook 🙂

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