The productive Wave system

I just logged into my new Wave today, I wanted to share what I have learned so fair.

Invitations are not sent all at once, but it seems like invitations are rolling out in batched. I still have not received an invitation one of my wave accounts.

There are some differences between the sandbox and the productive system. First the logo is from a “dev preview” to just a “preview”. Is preview then before beta?

The debug menus are gone. In the Sandbox it was possible to see call a debug menu, from where it was possible to see information about the wave. The menu was mostly used for inserting gadgets to the wave; it is now possible to from the menu. The debug is also removed from the blips. Using this function it was possible to see the raw content of the wave. This was very useful, when developing to the wave.

I had two waves in my inbox. One welcome wave with Docter Wave, how had made a short video on how to get started with Wave. These waves are read only, so they have managed to add that feature somehow. It is not possible to everyone else to change this. There is also a link to wave, which contains some videos for how Wave can be used. This is an excellent guide to get started.

The other wave is to send invites. You can enter a mail on how you want to invite. Google will then send out the invitations when the system is stable. So you cannot get you peers on wave yet. Google will probably see how the system scales before; they add the potential 800.000 users from just 30.000 in the sandbox.

The way you update your profile is also much easier. There is a wave you can use to add this information. Just select All waves and find the wave with your profile. In this wave you can edit your profile really easy.

Google has also made room for waves for Extension Settings and Setting for the wave. So all configuration is performed inside waves. Using this type of waves for configuration also makes it possible for third parties to have configuration waves. That way you only need to be in one place to configure your application.

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  1. Hey, don’t suppose you could send me an invite, right? I’m an artist and I’d love to use google wave’s image upload capacities to get things online and to friends a lot faster.

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