Designing Wave applications with Balsamiq

I have been working on creating some new robots or just brainstorm with some of my ideas.

I was looking at the scenario where a robot interacts as a virtual reception. I was introduced to this concept at Colayer. When you log on to the Colayer site you have the option of contacting different persons. If you could have one place to get a hold of the correct person it could save some time.

This scenario could also be interesting in Wave. This requires it is possible to search in the Company directory for persons related to i.e. the sales department or the just a general group. This is fairly simple with LDAP but there should also be some apis for for Google Apps Directory. There should be some context based analytics. I don’t know which tools/api could be used for figuring out what is being written in a wave.

I was previous looking for a way to draw designs for how wave could interact. I used my whiteboard to draw the layout. I was introduced to Balsamiq by Tommy Pedersen as a tool for creating mockups of applications. It is free to use the online version but it cost only $79 to get the desktop version.

I think it would be interesting to do a mockup of a wave application in it. My example is the following.

I think the Balsamiq gives a great way to draw mockups on how you want to create your waves. It is really fast go start with, and you can get a good feeling on what the application looks like.

For gadgets it should also be possible to make something like the same. Gadget can be described in the same way. It is even possible to create a wave like the following.

It is also possible to create a Wave-y look and feel from the layout. I could not find anything about creating stencils self, but the already supplied elements can create a good starting ground.

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