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Yesterday I wrote about Wavr plugin to WordPress. This blog was liked to from a number of posts. Offlineblog has a log description on how the plugin functions. Mashable wrote about the applications of the plugin and embedding waves in different media. The last 3 links was exact copies of the Mashable article.

I must admit, I did not do a very good job in research. There is also the plugin wp-wave-shortcodes which does the same. I’m not able to try the plugin on since, they both uses the same codes.

I doubt there is a large difference in the two plugins work at the moment. It is very limited what the Embed API supports at the moment. What will be interesting will be to see how the two plugins will develop with the next release of the Embed API.

I’m sure that I get back to the subject on the WordPress plugins later, where more functions are published. I’m looking forward to include the Waves as comment section or making it work on other ways.

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3 thoughts on “WordPress plugin to embed waves”

  1. wavr is on sourceforge, and looks like a long term project … but the wave apps gallery is giving importance to wp-short-codes plugin ..we should wait and see which one wins .

  2. I have used the wp-short-code plugin on my site in a prior blog. It was very easy to install and worked as advertised with little fuss. I will have to take a look at the Wavr.

    Only problem so far with these types of plugins is that public access to all is required in order for it to work. Thus, in terms of security this is a problem. Spammers, scammers, etc will exploit this to their own nefarious ends. Not sure how this works with out public access, thus I am not sure how practical this will end up being.

  3. Google Wave blogger yes the public access to waves is very interesting. It would be nice to create a wave with the post and then just publish it as a blog. Then participants could add comments to the wave instead of comments to the blog.
    It would be nice with everyone signed to post their comments.

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