Wave news for september 1

After a week of vacation I’m back again. I’ll summarize the wave news that I have found for the week.

  • Process-One claims on my post that they have made a wave implementation in their software. I cannot find anything about this implementation on their website, but it looks like they are a company which works on Jabber XMPP. So they already have the experience in the protocol framework. Going to be interesting to see a demo of the solution.
  • It is now possible to sign up to Google Wave for my domain. Just go to the form and fill out the detail. They don’t say anything about when Wave for my domain will be open for demo. For enterprises it will be a must to have a wave account for their domain. If they had to use regular accounts on the standard Google application it would be very difficult to manage access controls and users.
  • The first Danish Google Wave hackathon was performed by Tommy Pedersen. Blog about the event in Danish or translated to English.
  • GoogleWaveBlogger has create the article 5 Things Wrong with Google Wave. It gives detailed descriptions the problems with Google Wave. It mentions security, spam, replacement of Google hosted Apps, integration with MS office and Enterprise server installation.

I have probably missed something, so please let me know with a comment.

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